How to Become Popular On Instagram

By Xavier Ahern

May 27, 2020

Popularity feels good. Many people seek popularity for a multitude of reasons including a self- esteem boost, getting messages that are important out to a large audience, and business ventures. Whatever the reason, many people on Instagram are seeking automatic Instagram likes. While this can be achieved via purchasing likes and followers, there is more one can do to maintain a larger following and become truly popular on Insta.

Follow Everyone

A great way to get people looking at a page is by following theirs. Following someone on Instagram leads to a higher probability they will follow back. It is flattering when a notification someone is following pops up. This can give another person a little self- esteem boost and perhaps increase following by one. Slowly, but surely, it will grow into something much larger.

An important note to be made is going to every page and the following should not be the strategy either. It is important that the pages are relevant to a specific topic or theme like travel or health. Be strategic and follow meaningfully.

Another great strategy is to follow people who like content on your page. This will make followers feel important and appreciated. Loyalty will go a long way and can forge a great Insta friendship.

Comment on Popular Posts

There are some posts that become very popular. A great way to get free publicity is to write a meaningful comment that someone advertises and interests people. This may lead to more followers and likes simply by association with another post.

Again, make sure this post somehow is related to a niche or topic that is important and relevant. If not, the results may not be as desired.

Keep it Positive

Another very important aspect of Instagram is that people seek positivity and happiness in their lives. The news has scene after scene of death and horrific events. People are trying to find something light and easy to look at. People seek motivation and good to balance out the stressful and depressing state of many places. For these reasons the key to a large following is be inspiring, positive, and helpful.

Be Timely

Another important tool to get more likes and views is to post frequently and post at the right time. Wednesday at 5:00 pm seems to be a magic hour where the best posts will be seen. So save important posts for this time.

In addition to posting at the right time, post often. Posting frequently will show followers that they will get a consistent flow of meaningful content. Frequently, people look forward to their favorite users’ posts. If they wait too long, they may lose interest.

There are many strategies to implement when attempting to become popular on Instagram. Luckily, the market has never been bigger. This means that becoming an Insta star is within reach for many attempting to climb to the top. When a user follows everyone, comments of popular posts keeps it positive, and posts in a timely manner he or she can find success.

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